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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Since I logged in to post a comment on good bloggie friend Muhd's great post about new kitties showing up at their front door, I may as well say "hello" to my good ol' blog! I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, Dear Blog. I've met the most wonderful people while on here and I won't forget them ... even if seemingly neglecting my "duties" here to write and rambling on about just any little thing at all. Yes, Facebook has got me! There's a community of "newer" facebookies (as I love to call them) that are hanging in there with RaeBird and her mother as her mother is close to transitioning beyond this Dimension ... she stated that we were all like their hospice, and what a humbling honor it is to feel a part of giving comfort to her in any way...............and I am still keeping in good touch with Dancin' Fool (Natalie, you sweetie!) over in the UK ... stole some Frank Zappa tunes off her yesterday which immediately RaeBird said she loved, and that made me happy.

Yesterday it was like Feast Day for me and Jeff......after doing our banking we went to Simply Zaa! Pizza for theri $5 all-you-can-eat pizza and salad bar buffet and I had 2 great bowls of salad fit for a REAL vegetarian and found even TWO great veggie pizzas (well, except in Vegan-land, the cheese was a no-no but I'm getting there) ... there was the Popeye spinach pizza and the wonderful tomato slices with an array of herbs ... all was delicious and Jeff got to watch the MSU-UM game (MSU won!!! yay! for Jeff) ... then we hung out around home (on the computer etc etc) and spent time with Tuffy Boy and went "looking" at Sally's (Salv Army) and, in an unusual twist of fate, I found nothing. I found that to be wonderful, actually, having just gotten rid of about 30!!! (yes!) bags of STUFF for the Vietnam Vets to come and pick up ... I am not real keen on adding to the new slimmed-down pile of STUFF .......and feel much more discerning, for now anyway. Then we went to the unwelcome chore of grocery shopping at Hollywood Mkt! It turned out we had a ball getting all kinds of tasty and healthy stuff ... we were nearly out of everything so it was a whopper $$ ... and then we no sooner got it hauled in and put away but our good bud Gary showed up for us all to go up to the corner Thai Restaurant (Pud Thai & Sushi) and I enjoyed 2 new dishes: their Apple Salad and Vegetable Tempure...YUM! It was great, as was the miso soup. We came home and indulged in dessert then watched some Tiger baseball (sniff! sorry, but they lost the play-offs but they gave it a hell of a good shot!) Jeff is at this moment watching our Detroit Lions playing ... the best season they've had in like aeons! I got up between 5:30 and 9 am then decided to go back to bed and "read" awhile ... and finally got back up at 11 am. Still in my bathrobe at 1:45 pm!!! It's a lazy-ass day for me so far..........I have laundry to do and it would PROBABLY be a great idea if we ate at HOME today, don't you think?? 2 restaurants in 1 day! How totally hedonistic of us! Let's just say we munched into the groceries big time ... and I was in a carbo-coma when the baseball game was going on. When they basically lost in the 3rd inning, the mood had a downturn in the house of some disappointment ... and Gary went home an hour early as he had to get up early to work this morning. I think Jeff spent more time on the computer ... dreaming of some NEW computer he wants "on his wish list". You see our Windows Media Player will NOT work any more, no matter what, even deleting it and reinstalling a new one ... something messed it up a long time ago and he can't play games, we can't play music or I can't download any photos ... and that's just shitty! So one of these days ... "Santa Claus" is always a good reason - haha! though we don't believe in Santa any more or even Christmas ... but it WILL BE my 60th!!!!!!! birthday and our 26th anniversary right around then, so perhaps a new computer is on the horizon. I want a 2nd pair of eyeglasses for my birthday.........I love my new pair and my new sunglasses, they were so expensive. I want a 2nd pair just to feel really RICH! and to give me some sort of variety of eyeball dressing! Maybe I'll get cat's eye rhinestone encrusted corner thingies!? Something that's fun! We both got "frameless" glasses this time and we love them, but we're so very careful with them ... no cleaning with a Kleenex or a shirt sleeve ... nope! only the special cleaning cloths provided. I lived thru years of seeing through a bunch of scratches and nosepieces gone, long hence having fallen off! (Ouch!) and green funk being left on face in front of my ears where the bows dug into my skin and funkified it! For years!!! So I would like an extra pair ... a true luxury! But, hey! 60!!!!! SIXTY???? Yes! in 2-1/2 months! AHHHHHHHH! OK, I just gotta sign off with that's too scary! @;@ Love from your SisSTAR xoxo


Muhd Imran said...

Hello SisSTAR Kylita,

Let me be the first to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I think Santa heard your wish and being a wonderful soul that you are for these many years, he may very well gift you a new PC!

Like both of you, Wifey and I got ourselves the frameless glasses too a few months back and we love them.

Yes, they're expensive and it hole in my pocket has yet to be patched. And Yes! Only to use that special cloth that comes with it, no tissue paper or sleeves.

I love it now that I can actually see the birds while on my jogs and bicycle rides to the nature parks. It is strange that I tolerated seeing blurry shapes and form out in the distance all these while.

I was forced to get glasses when I could no longer see the presentation slides during meetings any more due to my advancing age.

I had to seat close enough to the screen or if I was late to the meeting, pretended that I could read and understood them while seated from afar.

Sigh! I was that lazy to replace one that was fell out of my pocket in the cab!

It's the weekend again! Another happy Sunday for you!

- said...

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Lin at Sandpiper's Place said...

Happy Birthday! Sexy Sixty! You bet! Age is just a number. At least I keep telling myself that. lol Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice note. Loved your possum story and comments. Thanks also for the encouragement in regards to Bell's. It's SUCH a drag! I'm at about 75% normal and seem to be stuck there after nearly a year of this nonsense. Actually, I seem to be backsliding a bit, due to synkinesis. It's very annoying and uncomfortable, but at least I look almost normal now, and there are much worse things in the world. Anyway, I'm doing fine. I've thought about blogging again, but when I get right to it, I just don't seem to have the patience for organizing my pix and uploading, then writing. How you spell *lazy*? ;-) I hope all is well with you. Hugs

blog said...

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