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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is here

Sept 1st from Cherokee Feast of Days by Joyce Sequichie Hifler:
We may be physically bound to this earth, but we are eagles in our spirits. Wo ha li, an eagle, is the symbol of freedom with power to soar. Their nests are aeries built high above all other nests where nothing can touch their young. When wo ha li sets its wings to catch the wind, its flight is one of grace and beauty. Wo ha li takes time out to renew itself, to pull out old feathers so new ones can grow in. The eagle also removes portions of its beak and new growth replaces it. We can soar as well. Our spirits have no limitations and we can set our goals to any height we aspire to reach. When we set our minds and spirits to do something, nothing can bring us down except ourselves. But we do need to take time to rest and renew so that our flight is full and free right to the goal!
Your feet shall be as swift as forked lightning; your arm shall be as the thunderbolt, and your soul fearless.
When I read the above for today's date, I knew I wanted to post it here. I want to think of the eagle as a symbol of freedom with grace and beauty, renewing itself and soaring above the earthly problems of our world. I don't want to think of it as a predator (though I know it is by nature) ... and I don't want to think of America as a predator with its symbol as the Eagle, but one of grace and beauty, soaring with the power to know freedom.
Aspire to soar, dear ones, and I will also. Set your spirits free and honor your Highest and Best Selves. Many blessings to you for a new month of harvesting. Enjoy the end of your summer and welcome the beginning of that beauty that is autumn with its colors denoting the beauty and grace appearing before winter's more bleakness sets in, and even that, too, has its own set of beauty, but I just don't want to think about that right now ;oD
Much love from your SisSTAR XOXO

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Rhiannon said...

Thank you SisStar Kylita,

What a lovely picture...I love things like this, so surreal and beautiful.

Reading your post made me feel much better. I will try and remember these things about the eagle and my highest regards to you and your hubby for a wonderful Autumn.

I can call you without having to pay long distance, I think...but I'm not ready yet, there still is much going on that I don't want to stress or burden you with.

Having a sister again is rather nice. Things are improving and I can see that she is now trying to help me refreshing.

Enjoy your weekend...coming in a few can see all kinds of things going on in just one picture like this..isn't it amazing? I have something similar to it..wonder if it's the same artist?

Love Always,