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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Monday, September 13, 2010


Chose this photo of some good friends. Soon they will be celebrating Evelyn's service to her country a special ceremony in Washington, DC, possibly on Tuesday, but I'm not sure ... the photo doesn't go with the poem I wrote 13 yrs ago, at least I don't think so. It might!? But these are my friends and this is my poem called "Friends":

Friends--reflections in each other's eyes
Ponds reflecting free
Able to be authentically who you choose--or not--to be.
Roll the dice
Spin the Wheel
the Game of Life well spent
shall serve as remembrance of days gone by
another time
another Friend. --klh 6/27/97


Rhiannon said...

It's an excellent poem SiStar Kylita...I hope to see more of your poems...if you can go through your "sutff" and hopefully find them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post about my mom and dad's rejection of me trying to see them one last time. I accidently put it on the wrong blog! So, I can just imagine how some of my blog friends are thinking I can be so negative. oh meant a lot to me that you read all that.

Love you, and I truely wish that life will cool and calm down for me sister can go and think so fast...her brain included..we are in different places and yet slowly learning about one another and "remember" the strange but also "funny" things that happened to us as kids while growing up.

Hope Autumn is coming your way...we had a temporary "heat wave" again and more nearby fires..but soon it will be cool...aaah...can't wait.

Love, Rhi

jeff said...

Thank you Evelyn for your service to the Country, Wally and Patti for being good friends and Kyle for another wonderful poem.

Lin at Sandpiper's Place said...

Hi Kylita, Thank you so much for stopping by recently. I'm so slow in catching up! :) Thanks for the kind words. I loved your story about the Catbird!! Catbirds and Mockingbirds are so much fun! I love when I'm walking and their songs follow me along the trails. Your blog is looking great and I love your poem! I'm sorry that I can't keep up anymore. I miss everyone, but "life happens." Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer (what is left of it) and have a wonderful autumn!! :) xx

Anonymous said...

hello I liked your blog about your friends but I want you to see mine and I can look like maxine

Dancin' Fool said...

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