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Friday, August 21, 2009

Her favorite thing to do was

We had to put Mandy Girl to sleep 3 yrs ago tomorrow ... a very sad day, but the joys she brought to us and many of our friends (she'd give Kristine kisses but hardly ever us!) they will always bring us wonderful memories to temper any sorrow. She loved Frosty Paws, the little cups of dog ice cream you could buy in a 4-pk at the grocery store freezer dept. It was like crack for dogs ... our dog before Mandy was called Huey and he was so addicted to it all you had to do was whisper "frosty paws" and he'd start crying and whining. So, of course, we wanted to make sure Mandy had the same monkey on her back, eh? On a hot summer day she'd go outside with her cup of Frosty Paws like in this photo, and nothing could persuade her to even look away until she was done licking it clean. She got one 3 yrs ago tomorrow and she loved it. She never liked other dogs, as her papers from the Humane Society told us when we adopted her, and if any would walk by the fence, she would turn into some Cujo from Hell dog, which was so unbelievable because she was so sweet. She was probably attacked when young. She was purportedly a year old when we got her. We had her nearly 11 yrs and we miss her so. We haven't gotten another dog...just a few wks after we buried her in the yard (I've told this story before, but bear with me), a cat came running up to me as I was weeding the flowers on her grave, rolling around my feet and crying and reowing like crazy. We did NOT want a cat or any pet. We started giving it food (duh!) way off away from the yard (duh again) and then after about 3 wks, we had the vet who put Mandy to sleep come back and check him out. Since we made an appt for him to be checked out, we decided we didn't want his appt to be for "Stray Cat Sloan" so we named him Tuffy. I won't dare post a photo of him here...but I have a big lock of Mandy's hair and it is, I swear, the same color as Tuffy Boy's. He loves to eat the same kind of grass that she did. He gets to sleep on practically anything he decides to, even the furniture, unlike Mandy (except when we were gone, but we caught her slinking off the couch a few times). He was a gift, I believe. She truly was a gift. The dream I had of her last night was lucid, me yelling at her for stealing a big chunk of suet out of the bird feeder on the fence. Then I realized while dreaming, hey! you're dead! You go ahead and eat that if you want...or at least try and tick me off stealing it! You go, Girl! and then, poof! she went.
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Rhiannon said...

This makes me feel sad for you but also happy for those special memories. Mandy was a cutie. The story about tuffy coming around later was cool. You are like me we remember all these "special times and moments". We never forget them. Carry them with us in our heart and memories.

We had a family dog "Mitzi" I had named and trained her from the first day my dad brought her home as a pup. I was good at training her..I taught her to stand up and shut the door, to crawl "like a soldier" and to roll over, shake hands and to "howl and sing" like a wolf or a tone I would make and she would mimic it very well. Only problem was since her and I connected so well, I was the one "picked" to feed and take care of her all the time. Of course! I would wake up early in the morning as a child and train her different tricks and then I would surprise everyone with it. She would always freak out and run off on 4th of July and sometimes New Years if we weren't careful. It really freaked her out. She lived about 16 years and then got real sick and there is another story to what happened after she died too. Her spirit hung around for a while. That's a story For another time.

I'm still good with training animals and all the other doggies I've had throughout my life. Having my kitty for the last 7 years has been different for me but I've also trained her well. She has a large vocabulary..larger than most cats...he he. "stay" "back back back".."lay down" "time to go to bed" "no"! That one she knows well and is quite cooperative. She's lucky to have a mom like me...and I think she knows it.

"These moments are a gift from time"...:0)

Love, Rhi

Muhd Imran said...

I can imagine the pain you had to go through loosing Mandy... but the joys you had with her through so many years are priceless.

Mandy was in heaven on earth and now in dog heaven up there somewhere... then again, she may very well have returned and back with the family again as Tuffy?!

Kalirati said...

Hi, I went to my blog today for the first time in a long time. I noticed your comment about Maya, my dog who died a year ago. I visited your blog, and was amazed by the photos and touched by this story in particular. Hope you are doing well. I've been off the blog because I'm trying to finish a novel. Anyway, thanks again for your kindly comments. It was a special pleasure to view your blog today.