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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Morning

It's dumping snow on us again but it's Sat morning so, wheee! I was going to post one of last year's wintery photos then I found this from last spring's pond and it just felt "springy". Hey! I gotta dream! That little corkscrew in the middle is just having fun, being its self in the midst of chaos.

I am very excited about this being the 2nd Saturday of the new year. The past week with both docs back from their holiday vacations, let's just say I'm going to ignore my body's signs screaming at me, "What the hell?" doing stacks of typing and calling myriad patients wanting their meds and appts ... new people sounding desperate for something. I made it through and my "Cubbyhole Sweet Cubbyhole" along with one suite even got painted an awesome light caramel color. So much better than the pale aqua it had been (me being such an earthy person).

I am getting ready to type up a friend's Goddess reading I did for her at the crack of NY's day. It's a good one, she'll be happy. Call me a glutton, but when I'm typing, esp something I think is interesting, it is a joy for me-greased lightning. I'm going to keep them limber as long as they'll fly along and strive to figure out how to not feel so intense when I do so to give the old neck muscles a break. But! the real reason I'm lucky is that Mr. Wonderful is out in the kitchen, playing a really good Dixie Chicks CD while he's making us "hearty" eggs (a sweet 4-heart pan my brother and sister-in-law gave me many Xmases ago), potatoes, bacon and toast, throw in some fruit and, voila! I'll do the dishes ;oD and look out the corner window by the sink my dad built esp for my mom (who was 5' tall) and look out onto the winter wonderland scene of cedars, pine, trees of Heaven, grapevines, apple and pear trees, lilacs 30' tall, the giant black walnut, the special 3 cedars brother gave me as seedlings, as well as the "magic branch of the Tree of Heaven" which looks like the dowsing rod and Claddagh and is pointing to the Well. I always thought and still do that it is so awesome that my family name is Haswell and Kyle Has-a-well! It is a very old well which no doubt went with a huge farm before this old 1940s subdivision was divided up. I often dream of what it was like then. We have 2 of the 3-1/2 acres my dad had and even though there are more homes around us now, we still have a beautiful scene out the south windows, and the kitchen sink faces southwest (hello Arizona! ;oD)

Tuffy Boy is frisky with little to do for now. He tried to go outside and ran under the van since the snow is "ass deep to a tall indian" as my folks used to say. He saw some little birds under the van so he ran out there and I made a bunch of noise to upset the apple cart there. He decided it wasn't much fun scrunched up under the van peeking out at whiteness. Oops! spoke too soon. He was whining his Whinin' Boy catterwawling so he's back out, no doubt ready to scrunch under the van - ha! Not for long, I'm sure. I yelled out for all the birdies to beware, the Tuffster was coming.

You bloggie souls out there have a mighty fine 2009 Second Saturday and know I am sending you highest and best good wishes for wholeness in body, mind, spirit and soul.............poof!

(and I sign off listening to a raging How Will I Ever Get To Heaven Now? by the Chicks!)

Love from

SisSTAR xo

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jeff said...

Breakfast was my pleasure! It was nice having you up this early. Time to get Tuffy outside.