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Friday, August 8, 2008

Remembering Dana

Dana Meredith Haswell, Jr.
(9-17-53 to 8-10-06)
There's so many things I could write about my brother. But right now I'm not going to. What I am going to post here is a poem that I wrote for my husband, Jeff, who was a very good friend of Dana's for 9 yrs before I met him. I wrote it for him to try and cheer him up after his sister, Shirley, died. It was taken from true memories that I had from my childhood with my little brother (and only sibling) from the big log swing that my dad built for us with a swing, a trapeze and a "chinning bar". There were giant 10-12' tall sunflowers growing on the other side of the chainlink fence in dad's garden ... little did I realize then what a paradise we lived in. Many who have read this or heard me recite it have asked, "What is a Parrish sky?" so I'll just say now, it's from the Maxfield Parrish paintings that I love ... you know, with the beautiful young girls swinging and sitting naked on top of a hill or rock looking out at the blue sky and a star twinkling. He always could capture that pink and blue awesomeness with the big white fluffy clouds. So that's what it means. I turned this into a children's song and have sang it to a few babies and young kids, and even some "old kids" like me. I can't sing it here for you but just make up your own melody and that'll be fine by me. Though we had quite a tumultuous relationship, I miss my brother, missing knowing that he is at the other end of his cell phone if I needed to talk (which was very rare) or getting his messages telling me off after he drank too much around 1-2 am. I miss what we should've/could've had. I wish I did have my childhood to live over...I would've been kinder and the sibling rivalry would have been healthier...but maybe we are closer now than we've ever, here's to you, Dana. I love you.
When I'm unhappy and smiles won't come
And tears too often flow
I sing a little song to cheer me up
That I think you should know:
"Sailing along like a gull
through a pink and blue Parrish sky
give me a swing to fly up high
and parachute out - cartwheel away
just like in years gone by
Winging my blues away
On the back of a dragonfly."
Don't be unhappy too often 'cause
It's not how it oughta be
Keep smiling and showing how much you love
To be cheerful and free
But if some tears are to flow
You'll know the song that I know:
"Sailing away like a gull
through a pink and blue Parrish sky
give me a swing to fly up high
and parachute out - cartwheel away
just like in years gone by
winging my blues away
on the back of a dragonfly...
We'll be winging our blues away
On the newborn, glistening, gossamer wings
On the back of a dragonfly."
-klh 4/13/99


ardi k said...

sailing, cartwheeling, parachuting...
riding on the wings of a dragonfly.

such is the travel by your images and poetry that take me to different places. light. imagination. joy.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
And happy climbing.

Rhiannon said...

winging my blues away on the back of a dragonfly..this is so heartfelt and beautiful. I've already made up my own melody as I read it..

I sent you an e-mail yesterday but it got sent back to me saying there was a I sent it to you again tonite..hope you get it!

Love SiStar Rhiannon

Rhiannon said...

P.S. you have such beautiful blue eyes in your new blog pic!..they just look right out at you!..:o)

Got your e-mail..thanks..


jeff said...

Rest in peace my brother, I loved you and miss you. You are always in my heart !

Second Edition said...

Oh my dear, Sister, there is no way to measure the loss of your brother and no words to make it less than it is. Or should there be. But how true it is that the love and faith and loyalty you have now is what matters, not so much the would/could/should. Now, he is entirely in your heart, your big generous heart. Thank you for sharing him with us.