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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mowing Song

Speaking of intoxicated!
As I was mowing yesterday on the rider, it was a beautiful day and I was thinking about all my blessings and about my cat and how mellow and sweet he gets when he's nippin' (into the catnip patches all over he's cultivated) and since I, too, was feeling pretty "mellow" I remembered reading from a new book I bought "227 things to know about your cat..." or something like that, it stated that some cats like catnip and some don't, like humans, cats are some of the creatures who sometimes prefer to be "intoxicated". Hmmmmm. Food for thought.
So anyway...
I was mowing and there were wildflowers and cool breezes and sunshine and dragonflies and toads and a huge Monarch, all of a sudden I made up a song and it goes like this:
You know I'd rather be intoxicated,
I'd rather fly
yes, I'd rather be intoxicated
you don't know my reasons why.
If I could face reality
I would
I do my best to make that
But me, I'd rather be intoxicated
I'd rather fly
Peacefully and calmly lit!
you don't know my reasons why.
Oh yes! I'd rather be intoxicated
Blissfully ignorant of bad news
Not apathetic, just intoxicated
Dance and float along, intoxicated
Run around, kick off my shoes.
If I could handle reality
I would (but I can't)
I do my best to make this
Yes, here I am again--intoxicated!
Here I am, folks, I can fly
(or sit staring...)
Yes! Intoxicated...
you don't know my reasons why.
I'd rather be intoxicated
like my cat is with his toy
Yes, I'd do well being intoxicated
I'm not trying to be coy.
...................there was lots more but you catch my drift, eh?
p.s. Isn't the photo beautiful--again, it is a stone's throw from the hospital I was born in. What a privilege to be connected to this peaceful harbor (but you should see it in the winter!)
Goodnight, Bloggie Souls...with love from
Your SisSTAR
"keep laughin' honey!"

1 comment:

Rhiannon said...

Yes, we are bombarded with way to much bad nowadays rather forces this upon us I say "yeah" go for feeling the simple things and free flow dance and be intoxicated for sure! It's very hard to handle so much reality pushed in our faces..your not alone..

So, lets go get intoxicated and become one with it all!

Love this post..beautiful and sounds like a lot of fun!