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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tuffy found a new hiding place. Three times now I have found him in the utility room cupboards with his clean kitty beds (blankets, towels, etc) behind the tan lace curtain. I searched the first time in and outside everywhere I could think. I was stymied. Then I peeked in between the curtains and he'd been watching and listening to me all along and hoping he could catch a break--have a place to himself where no one could find him. I left him alone each 3 times now.
Today really got me, though, as he was napping in the old rocker and I decided to lie down with my bed pillow and blanket on the sofa to read "Lost Civilization of Lemuria" when my lids kept getting heavy. I tossed the book down and nodded to dream right away. I heard, "REOWWWW!" and then again! and he wanted me to wake up and let him out. I grumbled and did so. Off again to sleep and dream in the living room. It was gloomy out and I had a rare Monday off.
Ahhhhhh, sweet nap time! Cats got it goin' on!
Man! jarred back to wakefulness, not knowing where I'd just been off to in the dreamworld, there was Tuffy sitting on the 40 gal critter food storage bin looking in the window wanting in. I was getting ticked. The "naps" were lasting about 5 minute intervals and my mind was getting short circuited. I opened the door and he wouldn't come in. Then he did. It has to be his move. @;@
He jumped up on his grooming table mostly used on "old matted" for feeding and spying on the neighborhood--cars, people, dogs, other cats, esp birds and squirrels. Or he watches the sun come up signifying another time to gouge "Mama's" bedroom door and scream to go out. He munched, and off I hodded again. He started in with the caterwaulin' again and I said, "NOT RIGHT NOW!" Those are MY words for "NO!" which he will rip me a new a-hole if I say that one when he refuses to be told no! He screamed and jumped on my feet and I tho't, "oh, sleep with Mama--take a little nap." He sat on the wooded end of the sofa on top of all the bills I'd paid and cards and notes I'd written to friends to go in tomorrow's mail. I tho't--"man! don't put your nasty cat-ass on my mail!" so I flung my blanket off--taking 3-4 good flings to unravel how it was binding me like a cocoon each time I flung it. I stomped over and opened the door and he went out. I made a big show of closing the drapes with the pull cord so he'd know NOT to be looking in on me when I resumed my longed-for nap again. I laid down again. All I could hear was my own pounding heartbeat and my wheezing lungs--and for an ultralight sleeper/napper, those are huge noises and aggravating--and I probably was getting all anxious from the exercise I received of getting up and down to let Tuf out and dreaming a few hours' worth in 2-3 five minute intervals. All is real quiet now as I write about this. I thought I heard some faint noises...not sure. I keep writing intently and I hear, nearly a decibel not audible to a human ... "meow" and it's dark in here, the sun having gone down and me not turning on any lights yet. Now I hear cat claws scratching frantically on his cardboard scratchy board--so I close this now because I have to let the cat out. I think I'll put earplugs in and crawl into the cupboard in the utility room behind the lace curtain... and dream. Again "meow" yes! I hear ya. I'm coming.
Damn! There was a black cat in the driveway probably drinking from a mud puddle and Tuf ran right at him/her, both tore off across the street and under the neighbor's big white truck. Shit! Why did I ever think I could take a nap!?
I closed the door and hope for the best.
Why didn't I name him Puff?
-klh 4/4/11, 8:08 pm-


Dancin' Fool said...

Hey Honey! I'm back! Great post, pat Tuffy for me and tell him to be more considerate of his Mum's napping needs!

I have created a weekly thing for people to post snaps from their gardens and surrounding countryside and wanted to invite you to join in, instructions are over at The Green Man.

No obligation though ok? Hope you are having a fab day, bye for now! xxx

Lin at Sandpiper's Place said...

Dear Kylita, What a lovely kitty! I want to thank you for your kind and encouraging words about Bell's. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this, too. It's not much fun. I'm four months into it today. My smile is back, but my eye is still dry and no tears. My tongue still numb, flavors are still off, and a few more annoying things, but at least I look somewhat normal now, while I deal with the rest.:-) I loved your comedy/tragedy analogy. Perfect! I hope you are well and that you enjoy the spring! Hugs

Muhd Imran said...

Your last sentence made me laugh. I like this post. I wish I had a pet cat... but alas, Wifey has asthma. It would be an interesting and irritating time, all rolled into one if I had one.

Tuffy really keeps you on your toes! He had cat-napped your rest time.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post!
I enjoyed reading.
Tuffy provides you with some exercise, hah?!