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"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cheers to Friday the 13th

Enjoy your weekends, bloggies.
I ran across these two days' worth of OSHO writings which apparently I'd earmarked a year ago. I decided I did like them so I am going to share them here, if only for my own perusal as I look back over my "life/blog" as time goes by.
From "Everyday OSHO" day 309:
Each moment is atomic.
There is no need for two moments to have any sequence.
It is the one-dimensional mind that continuously asks for some meaning, some meaning that runs through all moments, that wants everything to be connected by a cause-and-effect chain, that wants everything to move somewhere, to reach somewhere, to conclude somewhere. That is the logical mind, the one-dimensional mind.
Life is multidimensional. It has no goal really, no destiny. And it has no meaning, in fact--meaning in the sense that all the moments are following each other in a queue, reaching somewhere. No, life is not moving anywhere. It is simply dancing here. The right word is dance, not movement.
Each moment is a dance, and one should enjoy each moment as it comes, as it happens. Then your burden will disappear completely. That's what freedom is--to be in the moment, to be of the moment, never worried about the past, never worried about that which has not come yet, and never trying to make a logical sequence out of anything.
AND, voila! #310:
Many people have entered into existence through twilight.
In India, the word sandhya--twilight--has become synonymous with prayer. If you approach and orthodox Hindu who is praying, he will say, "I was doing sandhya--I was doing my twilight." When the sun rises, just before sunrise, there is a great change. The whole passive existence becomes active. Sleep is broken; dreams disappear. The trees and birds and life everywhere arise again. It is a resurrection. It is a miracle every day. If you allow yourself to float with it in that moment, you can rise to a very high peak.
And the same change happens when the sun sets. Everything quiets, calms. A tranquility, a deep silence, pervades existence. In that moment, you can reach to the very depths. In the morning you can reach to the very great heights; in the evening you can reach to the very deep depths, and both are beautiful. Either go high or very deep. In both ways you transcend yourself.
I'm not sure if today, Friday the 13th, is the 319th day of the year, but I'm choosing this one last OSHO Everyday because it just resonates with me. Here it is, #319:
Society has been suppressing three things: sex, death, and the absurd. And the absurd is the most suppressed.
There are Freuds against the suppression of sex, and they have created a little atmosphere so that people can be freed of that. More than sex, death is the taboo. Death still needs a Freud to fight against its suppression so that people can allow their feelings about death, so that they can think about and meditate on it, and the fact that death exists so it is no longer a taboo. But even deeper than the taboo against death is that against the absurd. My whole fight is against this taboo.
I would like you to be absurd, because that's how existence is. It is meaninglessly meaningful, illogically logical. All the contradictions, all the paradoxes, are in an inner coherence. Are you yourself not absurd? How can you prove that you are needed here in any way? Does existence need you? Existence would do fine without you, perfectly fine. You were not, existence was; you will not be, and existence will, so what is the point of your being here?
If you allow laughter and you feel that it is absurd, just hidden behind it is the real absurdity--not the laughter, but the one who is laughing. Allow it, and soon you will see that it releases you to the infinite sky. Even the confinement of logic is dropped. Then you simply live; you don't ask for meaning. Then each moment is intrinsically meaningful--or meaningless, they are the same.
Bravo, OSHO.......and you oughtta know because you're dead!
if anyone made it this far, thanks be to the god/desses..........once again, Happy Friday the 13th!TGIFF!!!
Love from your SisSTARxoxoxo


Rhiannon said...

Thank you for all of this lovely written spellbounding thought provoking "tale" post. I loved it! And oh the beautiful pic is just so lovely, baby seals, polar bears and rabbits all together! The lady with the magic fairy dust makes me feel so good when I look at it.

Have a great weekend SisStar Kylita.

It's cold here will be 28 tonite annd low 40's tomorrow our first real "frost".

Signing off for now...very tired.

Nighty nite,

Love Rhi

Rhiannon said...

Hi SisStar Kylita,

It's me again. I have a song on my blog that I'd like to share with my dear blog friends for the Holidays. Hope you'll drop by and give it a listen.