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"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." -Lao-Tse
"The fates lead him who will--him who won't, they drag." -Seneca

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Survived the Full Moon and had a hibernatingly wonderful Saturday.
Tomorrow we go to the IMAX theater with our friends Becky and Michael to see The Day The Earth Stood Still--love that IMAX!!
Watched The Dark Horse Years DVD of George Harrison and his music--my favorite Beatle. Wish I had the fan letter I wrote to him when I was 13. I bet it was 10 pages long and gushing and heartwrenching and pathetically, hormonally adolescence and puberty all wrapped up in one embarrassing tome. Only fan letter I ever wrote. My Sweet Lord *=*
Our friend Gary came over to visit tonight and we had Alibi Pizza-yum! Was good to get together again--hadn't seen him in 6 wks or so. He disappeared before "hunting season". We gave him a big blue coffee stein with a gold large mouth bass on the front, and the handle is a naked woman. We decided it was a "Bass Ho" mug!
We got holiday/bd/anniv gifts from our friends Kristine and CJ from the U.P. (that's Upper Peninsula for you not from this area--or Yoopers) across the Mackinac Bridge, a 5 mile long suspension bridge connecting our peninsulas. We are called Trolls since we live "under the bridge". But anyway, one of my gifts (yes, say what you will, I open gifts when I get them!) is silver earrings of the Bridge and they are awesome. I'm wearing them now, and for having two bridges hanging from my ears, I feel no burden of weight. Our state motto is: If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.
I also received a birthday card of a cat saying how great homemade gifts are, and inside is a little gross wad (cotton, I pray) of a coughed-up furball ... AND a gift certificate to a restaurant! Hmmmm.....good thing I have a strong stomach--but seriously, it was great! I still remember a birthday card from my ex-sister-in-law Susie on my 50th birthday of the Grim Reaper with his bony finger stretched out to a "come hither" at me ... and inside it said, "Come to Papa!" But I love the Grim Reaper, Spectre, Father Time, Saturn, you know what I mean.
Well, it's cold and snowy outside and all seems pretty peaceful. It's nearing 2 a.m. and I better get myself to bed to rest up to go to the IMAX and prepare to be dazzled--with a good message.
I also watched a movie recommended by SisSTAR Rhi ... August Rush ... I watched it by myself Friday night and it was so beautiful and I resonated with it immensely and cried myself some swollen frog-eyelids, but they were happy tears. I also hear music in everything.
May you all be warm and cozy,
your Present Moment rosy
and may you make your precious
dreams come true.
Dream Well, Bloggie Souls.
With love from,
Your SisSTAR
KLH - Keep Laughin', Honey!


Rhiannon said...

It's late here almost 1:00am and I'm working on going to sleep early for me, as tomorrow their sons wife and family arrive in town and all staying here overnite at the house. Monday late morning family only (plus me I feel so honored to be included) at the cemetary grave site..then a service afterwards. They are expecting over 300 people but weather pretty bad here so we will see.

I'm so glad you decided to watch August resonated with me also..wasn't it just beautiful? I have been mentioning wanting to see The day the earth stood still to I heard it was coming a few weeks ago to theaters soon..I loved the original old black and white version and we discovered it was on the AMC channel last night so we taped it and will watch it later next week. I remember so much of that movie as it was made the year I was born too!..I know they have changed a lot of the story in this new version..but I just love Keaunan Reeves ( know I didn't spell his name right I never do) and anything he's in..he has interesting taste in his choice of movies and characters. Ever see that one with him and Sandra Bullock where they are both in a different time and go to the mailbox and get to know one another and at the end well you know what happens..Oh yeah now I remember "The lake house"! Beautiful movie.

So, it's your Birthday Birthday lady!?..hmmm..I think I have your address if I don't I will let you know..want to send you something.

The foster girls I know (now growing up)I'm like an aunt to them and they dropped by when I was taking a nap most of the day yesterday..pretty exhuasted..they dropped by a Christmas present and I opened it up just like you do your gifts..he was a beautiful little fairey angel violet dress sitting on a mushroom..last year they gave me a very similiar one same color, etc..but very large with candles glass candle holders attached with candles in them..I have boxed up at my friends house in the next town in their garage where some of my other things are "awaiting" for when I move into my new place.

Okay, well looks like I better try to get some's going to be a few busy days and of sadness also..

It that your brothers gravesite in your post? I'm trying to figure out what to leave at their sons grave another time when others are not there..maybe an angel and something else I wrote..

Love and Blessings and hope you enjoy the time with your dear friends and the movie!

Love and Blessings to my SisStar Kylita!


Muhd Imran said...

That has been one wonderful weekend and more to come. Good for you.

Snowy and peaceful. My kind of time to be left alone and lost in my thoughts...

Have a good week ahead too!