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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Full Moonbeams Smiling on You

It is NOT easy working for 2 psychiatrists during a Full Moon. Hell, it isn't easy functioning at all for me during a full moon, I guess, especially when by some chance I believe I got poison ivy from my beloved cat, Tuffy Boy. Yep! I love to pick his pumpkin butt up and sling him over my shoulder and snuggle him next to my face and head. Well, one day this week I thought I had a big spider bite on my forehead. My first thought was, AHHH! what huge spider was walking around on my head as I slept? ICK ICK ICK!!! so I scratched it and itched it and put my can't live without lavender oil on it, and it did calm it down, but it seemed to keep getting larger. I figured the poison was just spreading around and it would eventually settle down, as I scratched and itched and, well, hell yes! I spread that "spider bite, a/k/a POISON IVY" all over! It is a huge blotch on my lower cheek, on my neck, on my left thumb, on my groin, really spreading around on belly and waist ... all places that, while taking diuretic herbs, I get to pull my pants up and down and up and down all day and night, if you catch my whiff, and, I'm about going out of my mind with the itching and fear of spreading it even further. I roll around on my pillow and think, AHHH! it's on my pillowcase and it'll get all over my face, in my eyes, on my head! It's the little things, folks, that's what I keep saying! It's the little things, like the 2 tiny little dots of it on my left breast (I know, TMI "too much info") and all the Kleenex I keep stuffing here and there to try and protect my clothing from having to be washed everyday. I remember when my brother was little, he was peeing down in the weeds and got it all over his wang-doodle and etc. and he must've been one miserable little boy, esp if mom had to put calamine lotion all over him there - yikes! I can only hope it'll settle down soon with all the care I keep trying to give it. Did I ever tell you that Tuffy comes in the house and rubs his scent on everything material ... the walls, the lamps, the stuffed recliner he's shredded for scratching post material, the stove, refrig, anything EXCEPT ME! so I gotta wonder, he sure seemed to puuuurrrrrrrrr very loudly the last time I picked him up and flung him over my shoulder and just snuggled and snuggled. I think I caught a little smirky smile on his face when I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror. That little tabby cat needs to stay out of the poison ivy, that's for sure! But he roams pretty much where he wants and tonight with that full moon out there, he'll be padding his little paws lurking and skulking all over. I know most of you won't be able to wade through all this, but I just had to write it. It helps me to stop thinking of how much my hip itches, how I'd love to just sit around bare naked with narry a thing to touch the rashes ... but it's only 62 degrees in here, it'd be hard to tell the rash from the goosebumps. I'll go find the biggest caftan/muu muu I can find and slink into it and, too bad I don't have a bottle of wine, I'd drink that baby! AHHHHHHHHH! Please send me some itch-free prayers and wishes, Bloggie Souls! And thanks in advance. (So metaphysically, what must be irritating me, eh? ;oD
Love from your SisSTAR Itchy/Scratchy


Muhd Imran said...

Oooh... sorry to hear about you getting poison ivy... from your Tuffy Boy.

You're in your home, do whatever you like and comfortable to nurse those itches away.

Hope you will recover fast to enjoy the weekend.

Second Edition said...

If I could scratch your itch, Hon, I would. Maybe try some capsacin (SP?) the chemical that makes jalapenos hot. No, don't rub a hot pepper on your face, just the juice from the pickled hot peppers. You'll smell like a taco party;)